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MSc in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)

This Master’s degree offer high-quality training, both consolidating and broadening the fundamentals of computation systems, and specialization in one of the following topics:

(a) “Computer Systems Security”, with an emphasis on the theory, design, and practical aspects of modern information and communication infrastructures, including systems and network security, the Internet, data centers, and mobile devices, among others;

(b) “Intelligent systems”, with an emphasis on the theory, design, and practice of information and cyber-physical systems, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, big data, or robot control systems, among others.

In this two-year programme, students take a common core of subjects exposing important theoretical and practical aspects of computation system engineering, as well as transversal skills such as team work in an integrated software project that includes fundamentals in project management, and that provides students with their first realistic experience of working on a substantial software development project.

The students deepen their knowledge of their chosen specialization through a series of courses and apply their acquired skills and knowledge to a substantial, realistic, and current problem resulting in a master thesis. The students can also choose to do an industrial or research internship. Students who have carried out, or wish to carry out, personal practical work have the opportunity to present this work in lieu of a taught course.

Computation systems are now pervasive in every aspect of life and society, and are driving the digital economy. The cross-disciplinary knowledge and skills acquired in these Master’s degrees put our highly sought graduates in the enviable position not only to be choosers on the job market, but also to achieve and fulfill their dreams. First destinations for past graduates include telecommunication, information technology, entertainment and gaming, defense and space, health, or transport companies, banking or consulting services, among others, as well as PhD positions world-wide. 

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