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Research Groups - Computer Networks (RUN)

Research in RUN focuses on two main themes :

  • Network architectures and networked systems: This research area addresses the design of new Internet architectures and algorithms to manage today's and tomorrow's networking challenges. Current research bears on programmable and virtualized network infrastructures such as Software-Defined Networks (SDN) and virtualized networks, and novel packet processing techniques for high performance software routers and middleboxes.
  • Network Measurements and modelling: This second theme is the development of methods and tools for network measurements and modelling. Current research focuses on network topology discovery at various abstraction levels (routers, switches, MPLS, middleboxes), network performance inference by way of coordinate systems and machine learning, traffic engineering inference (MPLS usage, IGP weight inference), and bipartite network modelling.

In the past, research in RUN also focused on traffic engineering (open-source TOTEM toolbox), overlay and P2P networks, mobility prediction, mobile ad hoc networks, multimedia and multicast, congestion control, and languages suitable for the formal specification, verification, implementation and testing of communicating systems, and especially of real time systems.

RUN has been involved in European projects since the outset of the European research programme in 1983 (ESPRIT, RACE, ACTS, IST, FP6) and now FP7 and H2020.